Mike Edwards (1931 - 2018) of Evesham was a well-known local historian and poet and a member of the SRCC. Mike worked first as a market gardener and later as a teacher but he always wanted to be a sailor. In 1988 Mike volunteered as a civilian Watch Officer aboard the original TS Royalist and during the next 11 years he made 16 voyages in that capacity.

Mike kept very detailed accounts of his voyages and recorded audio cassette tapes of the first 13 voyages. These are those tapes - Mike's own story of "A Dream Realised".


00 The Introduction.mp3

The First Voyage

01 the First Voyage.mp3

The Second Voyage

02 The Second Voyage.mp3

The Third Voyage

03 The Third Voyage.mp3

The Fourth Voyage

04 The Fourth Voyage.mp3

The Fifth Voyage

05 The Fifth Voyage.mp3

The Sixth Voyage

06 The Sixth Voyage.mp3

The Seventh Voyage

07 The Seventh Voyage.mp3

The Eighth Voyage

08 The Eighth Voyage.mp3

The Ninth Voyage

09 The Ninth Voyage.mp3

The Tenth Voyage

10 The Tenth Voyage.mp3

The Eleventh Voyage

11 The Eleventh Voyage.mp3

The Twelfth Voyage

12 The Twelfth Voyage.mp3

The Thirteenth Voyage

13 The Thirteenth Voyage.mp3