One of the first drawings of the original TS Royalist. Design by Colin Mudie FIN, AMRINA

The Origins and History of The Square Rigger Club

The Origins and history of The Square Rigger Club.pdf

Morin Scott, MBE, FNI 1922 - 2009

Life Commodore of The Square Rigger Club


Colin Mudie, RDI 1926 - 2020

Designer of the original TS Royalist

Colin Mudie.pdf

Offshore sailing in the Sea Cadets

TS ROYALIST history.pdf

This article was published in the Telegraph Sunday Magazine on 25th July 1982 and is reproduced here by kind permission of The Telegraph.

Training for the sea the hard way.pdf

A ship of their own - TS Royalist 1974

Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race - 1982