Sea Cadet Bursaries

Many images on this website show adults enjoying a Square Rigger Club Charity voyage aboard the Sea Cadets flagship TS Royalist. By taking part in a voyage those adults are supporting the most important aim of the Square Rigger Club Charity, which is to help cadets sail aboard  the tall ship TS Royalist.

Cadets sailing aboard TS Royalist enjoy an experience that goes beyond team building and leadership and prepares them for greater success in a way quite different from classroom learning.  The Square Rigger Club Charity provides bursaries for offshore voyages aboard TS Royalist.

If you are a Sea Cadet, or a parent of a Sea Cadet, and you would like to apply for a bursary then find out more from the SCC Offshore Poster, or from the SCC Headquarters website, or ask your Unit Staff such as your Training Officer for advice.

Privacy statement

The Square Rigger Club Charity takes members’ privacy seriously and will only use personal information to keep members informed of SRCC activities, send the SRCC newsletter or make contact about SRCC matters. We use WebCollect to securely hold members information on our behalf. We ask members’ consent to the club using their data. 

When individuals participate in one of our charters aboard TS Royalist we are obliged to share their personal information with the Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) the owner and operator of the ship. The MSSC keeps this data securely for 6 years and then destroys it. We do not share member’s information with any other organisation. 

When we receive an application for a bursary for a minor, normally a member of the Sea Cadet Corps, we treat any personal information contained therein with the utmost respect and integrity and according to MSSC data protection rules. We never share that information with third parties. For MSSC data protection details use this link.

By contacting the Honorary Secretary or Data Protection Officer any member can check, correct or delete any of their data we hold.