Will you sail aboard the tall ship TS Royalist this year?

The Square Rigger Club Charity has conducted many charters through the years. These charters are always convivial, fun and dare we say instructional and can be taken at any level of seriousness according to each individual's choice. The voyages offer hands on participation in every aspect of the tall ship's life, be it steering the ship, setting sail, standing watch or helping feed the hungry crew as well as providing an opportunity to experience the vessel and find out if you would like to join the relief staff pool to assist on TS Royalist cadet voyages. The charter's profit goes directly towards providing bursaries for Sea Cadets and essential extras for the Ship.

There are two charters in 2020. These will be long weekends in April and September and start with joining TS Royalist by midday on Friday, returning to the same port on Monday and leaving the ship after lunch. The first charter would have started in Dartmouth but has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. The second charter starts in Gosport and is now fully booked. There will be two charters in 2021 - visit us in the autumn to find out more about them.

A weekend of sailing in TS Royalist provides useful experience for the novice and sea time for the more experienced sailor. TS Royalist is a sail training vessel and on-going friendly tuition is offered to all participants. As a sail training vessel, it is expected that all participants will take part with a level of enthusiasm in tackling any task whether it be taking part in watches or even peeling spuds on an odd occasion!

The ship operates with a professional crew of eight and up to twenty four volunteers.

If you have any queries about charters please email our Charter Secretary.

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